May 21, 2018

Fear of freedom

I was wondering looking through the window, seeing how the Wind blew and how I felt so small among nature, specially when it just does what it must, tracking paths unkown to us, but so obvious for those birds I see flying.
Tracks so obvious for all those creatures that came with a gift: no suffering. They are very good in accepting what can’t be changed… and are even better in loving. They have no fear in loving, because they know this is what they truly need.

Well, I know love and I feel it my heart everytime, but sometimes you wish that some other loves you back and I was never good at that: When someone loves me, I don’t. When I love someone, they do love me, but they are afraid…


I was still looking through the window when the Wind started blowing strongly.
I closed my eyes and smiled. “This is it”.
So I opened my big wings behind me while crossing the window and going to the edge to jump. and fly…
“Maybe this is what people are afraid of. Wings…”.

written by Gabi Verruck - Posted in Life


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