April 21, 2018

New Wings

“I think that I have reached the point where everything changes. You change. Your hair. Your words. Your laughs. Your look. Your desires… But, basically, anything else does. The world can’t follow you. You are too fast! Don’t run! You don’t run, but it seems like you do. Where is future? I only see now and a more lovely soul. Has even my soul changed?”.

I look away, taking my eyes out of mine that I see reflecting in the mirror.

“Has my face changed?”. 

I smile.

“Yes… “.

I laugh and it comes from the heart. “I guess this is being real. When everything is a doubt but yourself… When you know that, no matter what, you can see life through a look full of hope and love”.

I smile again. I touch my face. I smile. Again…

Suddenly a drop falls and I am crying. But this time, I don’t ask why. I just cry below a smile while I look for my notebook craving to write whatever comes to my mind. I write down these thoughts, hoping they could make sense and could help me just as a hug does.

Just as I feel the words surrounding my body and coming within me, making me feel as floating.

I look down and I see my feet away from the ground. “I AM floating!”.

I laugh loudly, a bit surprised, while I go towards my bedroom’s balcony and from there I just go up and up and up… with no fears and no doubts until I get to the point where I feel as I am everything.

I open my eyes and I suddenly smile remembering the dream I had that night. I run to the balcony with my new wings and jump from there to life as I have never done…


Gabriela Verruck – 21/04/2018







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