April 6, 2018

Namibia: The highlights

So, today I decided to tell a bit of my experience in Namibia on January 2018 and that is because, besides being the first photo I added on the blog, Namibia is also my elected the most beautiful place in the world so far. To do that, I picked the highlights:

  • The sky and the zebras;
  • Fish River Canyon;
  • Dune 45;
  • The Dead Trees;
  • Etosha National Park


Well, I travelled through Namibia in a completely different way from the one I am used to (backpacking): this time I took an overland camping tour  (Click here to know more about it) with NomadTours which consisted of travelling with a group of people for 12 days in a truck and camping everynight.

I didn’t really know what I was going to find until I got into this journey where I met amazing people and amazing places.

The sky and the zebras

The truck left from Cape Town, in South Africa, and we had the first two days of the tour still in in the same country until we crossed the border to Namibia and the bumpy roads started through the Desert.

Just after we got into Namíbia, the nature show started in the night we stood awake until late to see the most amazing sky I have ever seen (I could see 7 shooting stars in a few minutes!) and to watch the zebras and oryxes coming to the water hole. That night we also slept outside the tent, just with the sleeping bags, and I had my coldest night ever…

Anyway, believe me, it was absolutely worth it.

The Fish River Canyon

The next high point for me was the Fish River Canyon, a huge and absolutely stunning place to go and to whatch the sunset. While I was there I could just think how everyone in the world should have the chance of having such a view… such a privilege I was feeling.

Dune 45

But, after I thought I had seen everything, Namibia was still hiding my favorite place: Dune 45. In Namibia all dunes have numbers and this one is the most known because it is the easiest one to climb up (even tought it is still a piece of work).

To go there we woke up 4am to be able to climb up before the sunrise, and to see the most beautiful view of my life. (Here goes a tip: The night before going to Dune we were told to kind of run fast until the top, but really, unless you are a expert athlete it won’t work. The climb is high, and remember, it is sand. Sand turns everything much more exausthive. So, I tried running, but I failed on the first quarter what made it very hard to continue the way up what I only managed stopping a few times and going on with a slow and consistent pace, and this what I suggest you to do: Do not run!).

And if you think that you won’t make it. You are going to! Don’t give up! Believe me, you will not regret it… This is a very good story and an amazing experience.

The Dead Trees

After this one I also loved The Dead Trees. Those are very old dead trees in the middle of the Desert. I know it seems like not a big deal, but the landscape is gourgeous and I just loved being able to walk around and having time to comtemplate and take very nice pictures.

Besides that, on the way there we could see some animals, such as ostriches and there is a very interesting fact about this place: it is all surrounded by dunes, but there is no sand in the area where the trees are (check the picture on the top). And why that? Well, this is because the way the wind blows keep the sand only on the dunes (I will explain more on the post “A trip to Africa through biological eyes”).

Etosha National Park

Now, let´s move to the last one, where we had the bumpiest roads, but also, scenic views from animals and the beautiful Pan (a Desert of salt). On the first day we spent half day in the truck for a Game Drive (basically it is a Safari but without the specific car and the guide). We could see a lion, a lot of zebras, eleffants, giraffes, oryxes, impalas, springboks and a Lilac Breasted-Roller (my favorite bird!),…

But I guess it was during the night when I had the most amazing sights. We were watching the water hole and there were 3 Rhinos just there… I can´t even describe my happiness…

Besides that we could see Jackals, a Giraffe and Zebras until we went back to our tents for the almost finished nights in that amazing country…

Much more can be told about this place and trip. I will talk more about it in other posts!

See you in new journeys!

Gabriela Verruck – 06/04/2018 

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