April 10, 2018

Namibia: The Truck Tour

The truck

So, this post is about the dynamics in travelling in a truck that I took from Cape Town, in South Africa, to Windhoek (capital of Namibia). This camping tour took me 12 days from 4th to 16th in the January of 2018. 


How can I take the tour?

Well, at first, you have to book the tour in certain advance (NomadTours was the one I took), and there are many options of duration and routes to be done, and, also, you can choose between a camping or an accommodated tour, but the last one is more expansive. You will go with a group of people and, unless you pay more for being alone, you will share a tent with one of them.

(I ended up sharing with anothEr brazilian girl and we got along really well, so it was a nice apportunity to meet new people and to make new friends).

When you book the tour you can either already pay for the “Activity Package” or pay it later or do not pay (but the price is good and I would recommend getting it!). This Package includes certain activities during the trip, even though there are extra ones that you must pay if you wish to do them, such as kayaking, skydiving, sandboarding, quadbike,…

Having done that, all you need to do is to get your sleeping bag and your small luggage and hop on the truck!


How is the truck? 

The truck had no reclinable seats and no AC (because they break all the time dUE TO the bumpy roads);


There are lockers for everyone which feat small luggage or backpacks;

There are seats for everyone and a cooler on the front that also ends up working as a table; 

There are big windows that work as our AC;

The tents were located in compartiments, just as the tables, chairs, and all the cooking stuff.


How is the trip?

Well, at first you will stop at a supermarket where you can buy water (extremely necessary!), snacks, … and a sleeping bag if you forgot yours (just as I did). 

Further on, our next stop was at a vinicola where we had lunch and could taste some wine. From there, after a few hours on the road, our next stop was at our camp for that night where we learned to put our tents up. These tents are way heavier and way stronger, but everyone ends up doing fine!

The next day we woke up very early (around 5:30),just as everyday, to pack our tents back to the truck and to have our breakfast, which after we have to clean everything and put in the truck so we could be leaving at 7am to Orange River, a really beautiful place to comtemplate and to swim. Here you can also do kayak (I will tell more about which activity in other post). 

Here we had the first meal cooked in the truck: it envolves getting all the stuff out of it and eating with the plates on your lap or on one of your hands. The food is simple but it is tasty, even thought sometimes you can get a bit tired of it. 


How is the food?

The food is all included (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with some exceptions, such as when we had two nights in Swakopmund (a city in Namibia), where we had accommodation included so that we could sleep in beds again (so good…).

The breakfast had bread, a type of fruit, milk, tea, butternut, cornflakes, coffee and butter. 

Lunch and dinner varied from pasta, meat, Pap (local meal), soup, rice, salad, sandwiches.

Snacks and water are by you and you can buy them on the stops on the way (buy a lot of water – this is desert!)

If you are vegan (as I am), vegetarian or have any food restrictions, check twice if they know it! Because even though I told them I was vegan, the cook didn’t know it, so that he had to improvise – but everything worked well in the end and I did not starve.


The staff

With us we had the truck driver, the cook and the auxiliaire. All of them were absolutely amazing and were very kind and receptive. All the 3 are essencial to the tour and make the experience even more unique. Helping them doing the work, such as cleaning the dishes, cleaning the truck, getting chairs in and out is also essencial to the trip and they will ask for this colaboration! 


 So, what do I need to be in this tour? 

 – Being okay in waking up early, in walking/exercising, in helping doing work;

 – Being excited about meeting new places and new people;

 – Enjoying nature and camping;

 – A small luggage;

 – Of course, you need to book and pay; 

 – And do not forget your sleeping bag!


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See you soon in new journeys! 
Gabriela Verruck de Moraes – April 10th, 2018 

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