April 5, 2018

A Tale: About being a bird

Well, I chose this title because this is the first post of the blog and I couldn’t think of a better name for it.

This post is a bit of me and a bit of the world…

Made by: Letícia Braga - SP - Brazil 06/04/2018
Image by Letícia Braga – SP – Brazil 06/04/2018


There was this kid of 3-years-old who was a great dreamer and extremely smart. I could see myself at him, remembering how I used to think big. Yeah, just like any child…

But this boy no, he was not random, he was unique. One day I was observing him playing with a smile in my face, because I could feel nothing but love around him. He was playing with a ball and constantly dragging me into it, giving me inviting smiles and laughs that I could not turn my back to.

Sometimes, yeah, I will be honest, I felt a bit tired and I had to go to my room and stay alone for a while. But everytime I left the bedroom, there he was, waiting for me with a shinny smile. I guess I could never truly describe how much love I feel everytime I see his little happy face.

All these little moments were shared in little amout of times because we didn’t live together, but, anyway, everytime I left because of duty or because I was traveling around, on my return, we were even closer from each other than before.

Well, today I am returning again and I am about to knock on the door and seeing him, but I don’t even need to knock, because he is already waiting… He opens the door and jumps on me for a hug while I say with a big smile in my face and opened arms:

-Hello Life…


Gabriela Verruck de Moraes





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