May 27, 2018

Dolphin Volunteer in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Hey guys!

At this post I will be talking about my volunteer experience in a Dolphin’s Conservation Volunteer Program in Zanzibar, Tanzania by African Impact. I did it in the last two weeks of February, 2018, after a month and half backpacking through África!

How does it work?

You need to apply, with African Imapact, for the place and pay (and unfortunately it is expensive), also, you pay your flight. But, you’ll get accommodation and food for free.

There are companies that do this process for you, but it gets even more expensive and the process is really easy, so I would say to contact African Impact directly!

Getting it for free!

Well, I went there for free!! I just payed the plane tickets.

How? They constantly have competitions for free spots and in my case I had to write a bit about myself, publish it and get as many likes as I could. So, I made it! Easy, easy baby.

So, always keep looking for these opportunities and sign their mailetter (this was how I found it out)!


How is the house?

  • Shared bedrooms and bathrooms (only boys or only girls);
  • Food is tasty, but simple (I was quite tired of it after 2 weeks, specially being vegan);
  • Wifi is payed (and expensive), so I highly recommend getting data (also, not that good, but at least you can WhatsApp);
  • Water can run out and taking only one shower is allowed per day;
  • Electricity commonly breaks down;
  • Women can NOT show over knees or shoulders because of Muslim Culture (I will talk more about it in other post!);
  • Amazing view!!!
  • Beach with really big tides (over 1km).
Me with local girls after donation
Me with local girls after a donation in Kizimkazi


How is the Project?

At the beggining they will orient you and tell how things work, just after you arrive at the house (Jambiani Beach, Zanzibar).

There are two main projects: The Teaching and The Dolphin’s Conservation. I was there for the second one, so this is the one I will talk more about, but if you have questions about the other, you can contact me!

Well, the Project is based on collecting data for Dr. Narriman, a PhD from Dar es Salaam, who does research with this data (so your work is really important!).

The dolphins’ Project base is around 30 minutes away (in Kizimkazi) from our home and we are taken there by van. From there, we went in the boat looking for tourists and dolphins: the point is to understand how the tourists affect dolphin’s behaviour, by seeing the number of tourists, of dolphins and the tourists’ and dolphins’s behaviours.

We went in the boat every morning and afternoon (except Friday) and we had to be up at 5am! So, go prepared  for enjoying amazing sunrises!

Also, on Thursday we had a day at a local school to teach a bit about Biology and Conservation. An amazing experience!

Dolphins; Zanibar; Tanzania; volunteer
Dolphins seen from the boat


Local Experiences

On Wednesdays we had Local Meal, when we went to houses from locals to eat just like them (with hands!). This one you can not miss and it is delicious!

Besides that, your local contact is constant and it is impossible not to learn at least a bit of their language (Swahili).


A lot else can be told about this Project, but I will split it in diferent posts! Hope you have enjoyed it!

Baadaye (See you later!).


Gabriela (Amora).




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