About Me

My work

When I was 18-years-old I finished writting and published a book in Brazil, which is called “Nada é o que parece -Livro de Contos” (by free-translation: “Nothing is what it really seems to be – A book of tales”).

Besides this work, I am constantly writting as a big passion of mine… I write about my world-wide experiences and about how I feel and what I see. I am always trying to capture inside people´s looks and I believe that this is what makes my work special: I am good in understanding and putting in words what the others want and feel inside their hearts.

Also, as a scientist and a Biology student, I bring this perspective with me everywhere I go, specially when I was involved in volunteer works with cheetas (South Africa) and dolphins (Tanzania).

Besides all that, I could not forget to mention how writting is such a big part of myself and my story and that is the reason why I do it with such love and pleasure, and why I chose a work like this one.

So, I believe that all these things about me turn my work into something good and into something is really worth looking for. Hope you wish to come into new journeys with me.

My Story

I have always been passioned by the books and the animals. I grew up with them… and, coincidence or not, those remained a great part of myself: I turned into a Biologist and a writer.

So, when I saw the opportunity of this work, it couldn´t have been more perfect. I was already looking for a freelancer job, but none one them really popped to my eyes, until this one…

This work allowed me to give back a bit of what I have mostly written just for myself and it is giving me the chance of being known for my habilities by doing what I love the most: writting.

Joining the journey…

So, if you enjoyed what you have seen here I am always willing to be able to help you and show you my work. My contact can be found here.

I hope you join me…