My first post

The first post was titled “About being a Bird” and can be found on the Blog session of the website or you can use this link: http://aboutbeingabird.com/hello-world/

This is the first one from many and shows a bit of my work and passion. Please, any comments and advices, let me know. Hope you enjoy it!

Image by Letícia Braga in  São Paulo – Brazil; 06/04/2018


About this blog

This blog shows my work and my experiences as a backpacker traveller and as a Biologist in formation, exposing the way I see the world, and who I am.

This blog is a journey through diferent places, looks and hearts and it is made by a womam (me) who learned to feel and see life through diferent eyes.

If you need someone who can get what you really want, maybe you should give me a chance to show my work. I am always willing to meet more people and so, learning more about life.